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Case studies from local authorities - your quick wins

Looking at local authorities that have implemented behaviour change projects

Islington Council - Tackling gum litter in known hotspots

In January 2017 and from September 2019, Islington Council have partnered with social enterprise Behaviour Change to pilot innovative new signage, funded by Mars Wrigley, to help tackle the issue of littered gum in known hotspots such as shopping centres, train stations and transport hubs.

Improving Hampshire’s recycling using behavioural insights

Hampshire County Council has adopted a targeted approach to improving recycling behaviours. Aiming to wake people up from their recycling habits, a combination of digital and offline tactics were delivered across three pilots, including a pledge tool, bin wraps and volunteer outreach. Digital click-through rates reached six per cent, and the majority surveyed reported changing recycling behaviours as a result of what they had seen. Additionally, contamination fell by four per cent in one pilot.

Rother District Council – using behavioural insights to reduce demand

Increasing the take-up of payment by annual direct debit for the garden waste collection to reduce processing and chasing costs, specifically in relation to cheques.

Reducing cigarette butt litter

How do we keep our streets clean and inspire people to do the right thing with their cigarette waste? Southend-on-Sea Borough Council found the answer by applying ‘nudge theory’.

Applying behavioural insights to improve food recycling in Wigan

Bin hangers, behaviourally informed leaflets and stickers and reminder emails were employed as nudge tactics to increase food waste recycling. The target rounds recycled 0.59 tonnes more food waste than the control, a 4.6 per cent increase in weight of food waste recycled.