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E-learning course: Foundations of cyber resilience in local government supply chains

Our free e-learning course provides local government procurement officers and contract managers with an in-depth introduction to cyber security, helping them to embed greater cyber resilience in supply chains by implementing cyber security best practice throughout the procurement cycle.


The last few years have seen increased digitisation and digital innovation in the local government sector. This has led to:

  • increasingly complex and vulnerable supply chains which need to be carefully managed
  • increased cyber risks which could result in large financial losses and / or compromise the sensitive data of thousands of our most vulnerable residents.

We have identified that there is a need for non-technical, sector-specific support for those working in local government who are responsible for procurement and other commissioning of systems and services.

Our free e-learning course, hosted on the Government Commercial Function's Government Commercial College, will help local government procurement officers and contract managers to embed cyber resilience in supply chains by implementing cyber security best practice throughout the procurement cycle.

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The course's five modules cover the five phases of the procurement cycle:

  • strategy
  • planning
  • tendering
  • entering in the contract
  • contract management.

Each module is aimed at helping you to apply the guidance and principles laid out by the National Cyber Security Centre to the context of your local authority's procurement and supply chain.

During the course, you will learn more about how your council can:

  • identify the cyber security risks within your supply chains, and third-party products and services
  • identify what needs to be protected and why
  • embed cyber resilience within procurement processes and supply chains
  • develop mitigation strategies to protect councils from risks inherent in supply chains, and prepare for cyber attacks when they occur.
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