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Councillor Introduction to… Digital and Data Training Series

The LGA has developed seven free Councillor training sessions to support members navigate the world of digital and technology as their local authorities harness this area of innovation to help deal with COVID-19 pressures and support residents, communities and businesses utilise technology to improve their everyday life.

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Councillors have an integral role to play in the creation of a culture where officers and residents feel empowered to embrace digital and data innovation that increase digital capability across the workforce and communities. Getting this right is often difficult without local and national support and guidance from across the sector. Councillors need to understand how the following is crucial to local success and how they can play an enabling role in this.

The sessions cover:

  • Digital Inclusion and Connectivity
  • Smart Places Technology
  • Digital Communications
  • Data and Research
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital in Social Care and Shielding Vulnerable People
  • Digital Political Leadership

The sessions are hosted via Zoom and vary from 2-2.30 hours in length, with 30 places available for each workshop, issued on a first come, first served basis. A resource pack from the sessions are available for those that attended and those unavailable or unable to secure a place.