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Welcome to our people's offers landing page. We work with partners to deliver a programme for sector-led support in adult services, supporting councils to deliver good services to people. Explore the link below to discover more.

Adult Social Care Peer Challenges 

The LGA offers a range of adult social care peer challenges to support councils to deliver good services to people. Prominent amongst these are our Preparation for Assurance Peer Challenges Adult Social Care which consist of a three-day onsite process with eight peers offering their feedback on a council’s ability to deliver the best services for people and consequently prepare for assessment from the regulator. There are numerous evidence gathering activities before the peer team arrive onsite. These include: 

  • analysis and comment on the council self-assessment and related documentation
  • a case file audit and analysis
  • lived experience interviews
  • informal and exploratory conversations between the peer team and adult social care departmental leaders.

The peer team offer their feedback presentation on the last day of the onsite work. A more detailed report follows the culmination of the challenge. Evaluation feedback from both councils and peers that have participated in peer challenges report that this is a unique opportunity to reflect on how adult social care services are delivered as well as to learn from others, particularly through the many informal conversations that occur between colleagues. A key focus is to support councils to prepare for the arrival of the regulator

Marcus Coulson, Programme Manager - Adults Peer Challenges
Telephone: 07766 252 853
Email: [email protected]

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