Hosting a challenge

Participating in the LG Challenge gives your council an opportunity to contribute to sector-led improvement and reap the benefits reported by previous hosts: fresh ideas and perspectives; boosting confidence; staff development; showcasing your council and working with local stakeholders.

LG Challenge contestants in conversation


Over the course of six months, contestants are tasked with five real-life challenges which sit at the heart of community life, and to offer innovative solutions to complex social problems that councils currently face across the country.

Taking part in challenges across various local authorities across England and Wales, we are looking for councils to host the challenges. Hosting a challenge provides councils with an invaluable opportunity to raise the profile of their council, all whilst calling on a diverse set of council officers to tackle a real-life challenge in their local authority.

Aiming to give contestants exposure to a broad set of issues, we work with five different councils every year to support the hosting of a challenge.

Why host a challenge?

Valuable consultancy

Participating in LG Challenge gives your council an opportunity to contribute to sector development. Developing a challenge specific to a real-life council issue, you gain an invaluable opportunity to pull on the expertise of ten experienced council officers, who will work together over the course of the two day challenge to develop an innovative solution and present to our judging panel, consisting of LGA staff and a senior colleagues at your council.

Addressing an existing priority within their council, the LG Challenge format provides a fresh set of new ideas and thinking around the possibilities and opportunities for services. By exploring ideas, the LG Challenge format gave councils the confidence to know they were on the right path with its work and solutions.

Unresolved issues in your area? Getting involved means you can turnaround a social issues over the course of just two days. You will also boost the council’s confidence to resolve social issues at the heart of community by validating day-to-day work.

Staff development

Not only does hosting a challenge help to resolve a challenge in your area, but also helps to develop talent within your council.  By hosting a challenge, a series of council officers will be required to support the project plan, giving your staff the opportunity to develop their project management skills as they design and manage a project from start to finish. Participating in the challenge will also raise the profile of the programme with your staff, who may choose to become a contestant on a later cohort.

Raise your council's profile

Every challenge is filmed meaning your council is given an opportunity to raise the profile of the organisation. Promoting a positive image of the council, LG Challenge offers you a unique opportunity to enhance the council’s reputation. Councils across the country are exposed to the media, with some councils gaining more exposure than others.

In the context of your own authority, our council can showcase the good work that councils are engaged in and the quality of people working in the sector, demonstrating that local government, and your council in particular, is an attractive place to work and develop a career.

With filmed footage of some of the exciting work going on in your authority, you can generate interest in your council from key partners and external stakeholders, leading to greater ‘buy-in’ of the whole council and sparking new and meaningful engagements.

If your council is interested in hosting a challenge please email