LGA and Solace Group managerial leadership programmes

The LGA sponsors Solace Group to deliver managerial leadership programmes to rising stars and executive leaders.

Total Leadership: A programme for executive leaders, whose next role is likely to be chief executive

The course runs over 12 months, with five residentials, plus online learning and action learning on real-time, work-based problems. The distance learning elements can be completed at participants’ preferred times and pace, fitting into what are always extremely busy work schedules.

The programme enables you to co-design the workshop at the outset, to tailor programme to participants’ needs.

Self-assessment uses a range of tools and approaches at intervals throughout the programme to explore:

  • personal preferences and styles
  • organisational leadership skills
  • system leadership skills
  • support systems
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • flexible, ‘blended learning’ approach with an intensive residential programme and distance learning.
  • distance learning Guided reading (journal articles/book chapters – available through an online library of materials)
  • case studies – chief executives’ leadership journeys
  • action Learning Action research – ‘safe-fail’ projects
  • action learning activities.

The programme will help you decide when you’re ready to be a chief executive, and enable you to confidently demonstrate key transformational leadership skills, including:

  • mediating contested leadership spaces and the political and managerial interface
  • demonstrating strategic leadership, from vision to delivery; leading transformation, both in systems and across organisations
  • leading collaboratively across partnerships and alliances powerfully and effectively
  • developing skills to operate successfully in an increasingly complex world
  • understanding of the type of leadership skills and behaviours required for the future through exposure to real life experiences through the perspective of cutting-edge speakers.

Total Leadership programme

Springboard: A programme for the future managerial leaders of local government.  

This is suitable for individuals at middle manager or head of service level, who are the rising stars of the public sector.  

Detail on the main components of the programme is as follows:

Free 12-month membership of Solace

We will offer you a free 12 month membership of Solace along with invitations to all of our policy masterclasses. You will also have the opportunity to get involved in both the Solace Summit and Annual Leadership Forum. These events offer a great opportunity to meet and network with key sector leaders..

External mentor

We will pair you up with an external mentor who is a Chief Executive or Director at an authority other than your own. They will meet with you regularly throughout the programme to offer support with career planning and development – offering impartial experience and advice about how you can move your career on to the next level. You will also be paired with a ‘buddy’ from a previous Springboard cohort who can offer informal support and help you to think about how to make the most of the programme.

One-day workshops

We will run a series of one day workshops to help you think about and develop the skills you will need to be a local authority Chief Executive or Senior Officer. Speakers on previous programmes have covered topics like systems leadership and place-shaping, an introduction to local government finance, fostering innovation and the role of democratic accountability and challenge. We also invite a serving or recently retired Chief Executive along to each session to give a ‘Chatham House’ talk about their career, offer reflections, and have a discussion with the group.

One-off development opportunities

We will give you the chance to take part in a series of one-off development opportunities like shadowing a chief executive, networking with those taking part in leadership programmes in other sectors, or spending a day in a private sector organisation. You might also have the opportunity to write about these experiences for the Solace website or the sector press.

Creating opportunities

We are looking for motivated people who will make the most of the programme and we can’t yet predict what other opportunities might present themselves to you. Some of the most valuable experiences will come from the doors that the programme will open. We will make sure your chief executive knows you are on the programme and encourage you to build your profile within your council. We may also invite you to support or lead on policy work on behalf of Solace where you have particular expertise. We will be on hand to help open doors, encourage you to be innovative and help you to use the programme to push your learning and development in the direction you want to take it.

Springboard programme