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Market intelligence reports

Supporting councils to access, utilise and interpret the data and intelligence that can help to inform their understanding of their local, regional and national social care sector and support effective decision making is a key priority for the Care and Health Improvement Programme.

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The Care and Health Improvement Programme team has produced three key products utilising LG Inform, intended to develop local authority commissioner’s insight into the make-up and sustainability of their care markets, specifically within Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provision. Any feedback on these reports are welcome the above to [email protected].

Market intelligence reports

These reports utilise information both from the CQC records of registered locations and more in-depth insights from the Provider Information Return (PIR) responses submitted by registered care providers (residential and community based) in the last 12 months. In due course, further data regarding the adult social care workforce will be integrated into these reports. These reports are based on a new aggregated dataset; time series views will be added as new datasets are created each month.

  • The Registered adult social care provider market by local authority is a monthly dataset (snapshot at the start of the month) derived from CQC published data. It includes a variety of location characteristics including size, provider size and overall and detailed (five domains) quality ratings.
  • The Registered adult social care provision summary: provider information return is a monthly dataset derived through aggregating the last 12 months Provider Information Returns submitted to CQC from all registered providers, presented as a rolling 12 months to represent as far as possible the full sector. It includes previously unpublished data including numbers of self-funders and homecare hours and visits delivered.
  • The Care Market Review tool pulls in a daily feed of the latest information on registered (and deregistered) locations and their characteristics, including detailed quality ratings. Approved council users on the tool can also see additional data on business continuity and infection control measures as reported through Capacity Tracker.

Please send any feedback on the above to [email protected]

Further LG Inform reports

There are also several other resources within LG Inform that can provide further insight into care markets and demand within a local area.