Adult social care risk awareness tool

This tool supports councils to manage and mitigate financial and sustainability risks.

Adult social care risk awareness self-assessment tool
Feedback from the sector has informed this refreshed and updated version and reflects ongoing work in councils to adapt and refine the tool to meet local need. We recommend regions continue to develop and integrate this approach with local sector-led improvement tools and that consideration is given to completing the self-assessment as part of a collaborative process with corporate colleagues.

Adult social care risk assessment insights and intelligence from facilitated workshops 2017-18
Summary of the insights and intelligence from 45 facilitated risk assessment workshops between 2017 and 2019 using the Adult Social Care Risk Self-Assessment Tool. Main risks highlighted by participating councils are market fragility, recruitment & retention of the ASC workforce both in the provider and LA sector, and managing demand.

ASC risk infographic
This infographic shows links between the adult social care risk assessment tool and other key sector-led improvement tools and offers.

ASC social care risk assessment facilitated self-assessment workshop and action planning
To complement the risk awareness self assessment tool, we are offering system leaders in health and social care a free workshop of up to one and a half days to undertake the self-assessment exercise with skilled and experienced facilitators in a confidential and peer-supported environment. For more information and to discuss this option further, please contact