Local digital roadmaps

The National Information Board in conjunction with NHS England published guidance earlier in the year to support local health and care systems to develop local digital roadmaps. This is a key part of supporting the ambition to be paper free at the point of care by 2020 and form the digital component to Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

This Government commitment was made in Personalised Health and Care 2020, published in November 2014. Local digital roadmaps will support momentum across health and care economies and will be linked to future investment in technology.

Back in September 2015, local health and care economies (led by CCGs), were invited to confirm their footprints for the production of local digital roadmaps. In October 2015, all 211 CCGs submitted details of the footprints within which they would work to develop Local Digital Roadmaps.

Each footprint may be compromised of a single CCG or a partnership of neighbouring CCGs, working with their local providers and local authorities. All 152 local authorities have been named in these footprints

There are 73 footprints and each LDR has a nominated CCG lead.

The roadmaps focus on a number of areas including:

  • Future plans around shared care records, transfers of care, remote and assistive technology, infrastructure and the use of analytics and intelligence to inform commissioning
  • A review of local progress using the digital maturity self-assessment
  • Plans for governance to support delivery

The local digital roadmaps were submitted to NHS England at the end of June 2016 and over the Autumn have been refined by local areas.

If you would like further information please contact mark.golledge@local.gov.uk