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People first, manage what matters...

A report published by Newton Europe - commissioned by the Better Care Support Programme - highlights the challenges health and social care systems are facing to sustainably reduce delayed discharges, and the impact this is having on people’s lives, as well as system finances.


The work was undertaken by Newton Europe, in collaboration with local improvement teams from 14 health and social care systems. Together, they studied the journeys taken by people occupying 10,400 acute medical and surgical adult hospital beds and found that:

  • on average, 27 per cent of the individuals were declared to be medically fit for discharge yet remained in hospital
  • between 32 per cent and 54 per cent of those who were delayed were found to be discharged to a setting where the levels of care were not well-matched to their needs
  • in 92 per cent of these cases, the setting was providing a more intense level of care than would have maximised the individual’s independence.

The report, ‘People first, manage what matters…’, sets out some key considerations for all areas, as they progress integrated care ambitions and consider how to work together across the system, to ensure a person-centred focus on improving outcomes.

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People first, manage what matters...