ONS data science training now available to local government analysts

Local government analysts can access the Office for National Statistics’ Data Science Campus learning hub, which contains courses covering a wide range of analysis and methodological areas, ranging from introductory to advanced.


We encourage local government analysts to take advantage of this opportunity which, until now, has only been available to those working in Government departments.

The courses are all available as online learning to be completed at any time. We have negotiated for them to be available to local government analysts free of charge. 

The work to secure free access to this training has been done as part of our Advanced and Predictive Analytics in Local Government (APAN) workstream. We would encourage all local government analysts to join APAN to keep up to date with other learning opportunities, access regular webinars and resources and join discussions with fellow analysts across local government.

Overview of Data Science Campus courses

As well as offering individual modules, the learning hub guides interested users through learning pathways. Following the suggested sequence of complementary courses will help you to see where your learning could take you and provides suggestions for follow-up courses if you are interested in developing your skills further. The pathways will help you develop a stronger holistic understanding of analytical topics and support you in continuing your progression.

You can see what exactly what is included in each pathway once you have access to the learning hub, but to help you decide which pathway is best for you, ONS has created an attached persona for each. The personas are designed to be relatable and to give you an idea of whether a pathway will not only be at the right level but will also help you achieve your learning goals. You can find links to the personas for each pathway below.

There are several introductory level pathways, including:

There are several analysis and programming pathways, including:

Access the Data Science Campus learning hub

To request access to the learning hub, please complete this short form.

If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]