Central Local Information Partnership (CLIP)

The Central Local Information Partnership (CLIP) enables central and local government to work together to deliver an efficient, effective, minimally burdensome information infrastructure for policy development, implementation, service delivery, monitoring and reporting.

Much of this work is undertaken by subject specific sub-groups.  These deal with the data and statistics related to the following topics: census, environment, finance, fire, housing, labour market, planning, population, public health and transport.

An important part of role of CLIP is to assist the Single Data List Gateway Group in governing the Single Data List, the list of all the datasets which local government must submit to central government, by challenging proposals to add new collections to the list and periodically reviewing the existing collections. 

More information on the Single Data List

There is a CLIP group on the Knowledge Hub which contains the latest news and papers from these subgroups, including details of upcoming meetings and events.

If you are not already using the Knowledge Hub you will have to register to access the group, the registration process only takes a few moments to complete.

For further information on CLIP or if you have concerns about a data request that is not on the Single Data List please contact us at [email protected]