Creating Effective Teams: Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling

The workforce team are qualified to lead development sessions using Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling. These sessions can be used by councillors, Senior Management Teams (SMTs), and other colleagues within your local authority. Sessions can be tailored for professional development, away days or implementing projects or services.

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What is Emergenetics?

Emergenetics represents the latest generation of personality profiling aimed at creating effective organisations and enhancing communication. This psychometric profiling tool is scientifically valid, informative and analytically robust. Over one million Emergenetics profiles have been completed globally in 18 different countries. Development sessions reveal attendee’s preferences for the four Thinking and three Behavioural Attributes, which provide an insight into the way people prefer to navigate work and life. Emergenetics can strengthen individual performance and develop productivity between teams. 

We can deliver development sessions to councillors, SMTs and individual services. 

Benefits of Emergenetics

The Psychometric profiling can be used to:

  • improve job performance and communication
  • understand their thinking and behavioural preferences within a work environment
  • develop awareness of how personal preferences can be perceived by others
  • understand how personal preferences may affect others
  • build a collaborative team or workforce
  • engage in meaningful dialogue about how individuals approach work activities.
Emergenetics in practice

Development sessions can be tailored as part of ‘away days’ or working to deliver a specific project. Sessions will enhance individual’s self-awareness, while understanding their strengths and discovering the importance of cognitive diversity. Emergenetics allows attendees to understand their colleagues Thinking and Behavioural preferences. Moving forward colleagues will be better equipped to deliver services and projects through a shared understanding of cognitive diversity. 

We will work with you to identify the most suitable Emergenetics workshop and tailor projects or council objectives to this. We are also able to offer one to one feedback sessions with attendees, which offers more detailed feedback on their Emergenetics profile.

Implementing Emergenetics

To learn more about our offer and the Emergenetics product, please contact [email protected]. We'd be happy to hold an initial meeting to discuss how Emergenetics development sessions can benefit your council.

Feedback from councils

The LGA conducted pilot sessions across various local authority teams and feedback was very positive. The workshops were delivered to a range of teams across local government, including councillors, corporate strategy, and human resources. The pilots were delivered using the two main workshops, known as the ‘meetings of the minds’ or the ‘team dynamics for small groups’, depending on the size of the team.

Discovering personalised strengths is important in unlocking potential and making staff feel empowered, thus enhancing communication and collaboration across your team. The sessions helped build a better understanding of individual and collective strengths across the teams. Their interactive and inclusive nature:

  • led to a good mixture of listening and learning
  • allowed time for the team to reflect upon their profiles
  • helped teams identify which skills needed to be better developed.

I thought the benefits were immense. It helps us understand our default thinking and behaving style and how to be mindful of it working both inside and outside the organisation.

Essex County Council

The training is translatable to all areas of the council, it’s about utilising the findings and understanding the team and making the team work better going forward.

Warwickshire County Council

It was helpful to find out how my colleagues work and learn and how I can adapt my delivery style to meet the needs of others rather than delivering in the style I am most comfortable with.

Tower Hamlets London Borough Council