EMP circular 4/22 - Pay award 2022

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National Employers

To: Chairs of fire authorities/Portfolio holders/PFCCs

Chief fire officers


Directors of Human Resources

CC: Members of the Employers’ Side of the NJC

12 August 2022

Circular EMP 4/22 - Pay award 2022

  1. You will be aware from circular EMP/3/22 of the letter from the Chair of the National Employers to the Home Secretary on 2 August.
  2. Earlier this week we raised the matter of the letter again with the Home Office and have been advised that the Home Secretary is still considering the issue and they will get back to us at the earliest opportunity. As you would expect we have again emphasised the reasons why ‘at the earliest opportunity’ would be welcomed.
  3. The Chair and Secretariat are currently undertaking a round of meetings with lead NJC members and CFO advisers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to explore how best matters can be taken forward in their respective nations.
  4. We will of course continue to keep you informed as matters progress.

Yours faithfully,

Jamie Osowski

Employers’ Secretariat