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EMP Circular 1/2022 - Police Staff Pay 2021-23

The PSC Employers’ Side has issued the following update.

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London, SW1P 3HZ

email: [email protected]

Police Staff Council (PSC) Employer's Side

To: Force Personnel/HR Manager/Payroll Manager

cc: Police and Crime Commissioners/Chief Constables/PSC Employers Side

20 July 2022

Dear colleague

The police staff pay award settled earlier this year included a collectively bargained – reopener clause which stated that ‘if in the event that a PRRB annual award is agreed from 1 September 2022 in excess of a 3 per cent award, as part of a single year settlement, the Employers’ Side is prepared to re-open pay negotiations on the 17 month police staff pay award to ensure that police staff do not suffer any detriment to their police officer colleagues.

The PRRB award for 2022 has now been confirmed for police officers, it states:

  • All police officers will get a £1,900 salary uplift;
  • This will apply to all ranks from 1 September, equivalent to a 5% overall pay award.

We will therefore re-enter negotiations with the Trade Union Side to consider the implications of this for the police staff pay award for 2021-23.

I will continue to keep you informed of developments.

Yours sincerely

David Algie, Employers’ Side Secretariat