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PSC joint circular no. 92

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To: police and crime commissioner (copy chief exec & treasurer)

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cc: PSC members

Scotland and MPS (for information only)

10 March 2017

Dear Sir/Madam

Joint circular no. 92

The Police Staff Council (PSC) has agreed a revised terms and conditions of service handbook. This has been achieved through productive negotiations in the PSC Pay Reward Working Party and we believe demonstrates that the Council is able to reach agreements in the interests of forces and staff, reinforces the value of national collective bargaining and provides a modernised set of conditions for the sector.

The revised handbook will replace the current version with effect from 1 April 2017. As a result, any reference in Police Staff contracts of employment to national terms and conditions arrangements will from this date be to the revised handbook. Forces and Trade Unions are encouraged to meet to discuss implementation.

The handbook (including part three guidance notes) and a guide to support implementation can be accessed at:

Yours sincerely

Ben Priestley    

Trade Union Side Secretary

Sarah Messenger

Employers’ Side Secretary