Briefing about the work of the National FGM Centre (NFGMC)

The National FGM Centre (NFGMC) works with local authorities and communities to keep children and young people safe from female genital mutilation (FGM), breast flattening and child abuse linked to faith or belief.

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Key messages

  • FGM is a hidden form of child abuse which has been illegal in the UK since 1985.
  • FGM and other harmful practices such as breast flattening, forced marriage, child abuse linked to faith and belief are often interconnected safeguarding issues.
  • A multi-agency approach which includes health, education, social services and law enforcement is needed to tackle FGM and other harmful practices.
  • The centre’s aim is to help end FGM for girls and women by 2030 through delivering a multifaceted social care model of delivery which spans prevention to late intervention, by supporting local authorities, community engagement, training professionals and producing resources e.g. online FGM assessment tool.
  • The centre is pivotal in the fight against FGM and other harmful practices; Government must act to help secure the centre’s long-term future by committing funding to the centre beyond 2020.

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Briefing about the work of the National FGM Centre (NFGMC)