Litter and fly-tipping in England | Westminster Hall

Local authorities dealt with a total of 900 thousand incidents of fly tipping in 2014/15, an increase of 5.6 per cent since 2013/14.

Key messages

Tackling waste crime is a key priority for local authorities. Successful local approaches ensure 73 per cent of residents are very or fairly satisfied with the street cleaning service their council provides1.

Councils spend around £1 billion per year dealing with littering and fly-tipping, and cleaning up chewing gum alone costs the average town centre £60,000 per year (up to £56 million for 936 towns in England).

Fly-tipping statistics for England (2014/15) published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in 2015 states the estimated cost of clearance of fly-tipping to local authorities in England in 2014/15 was nearly £50million, an 11 per cent increase on 2013/142.