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Tackling rogue landlords and improving the private rental sector

Councils work in partnership with investors and landlords of all tenures to raise standards across the private rented sector.

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The DCLG discussion paper "Tackling rogue landlords and improving the private rental sector" invited feedback on the levels of fines for serious housing offences and proposals including a "blacklist" of landlords and letting agents who persistently commit offences.

In the LGA's response we call for:

  • The introduction of sentencing guidelines for magistrates on housing act offences, and a wider range of penalties
  • Clarity on the proposals for a blacklist and how it will be funded
  • Support for councils to make robust decisions in whether a landlord is a "fit and proper person" to hold a licence
  • Amendments to the notice period and compensation arrangements for Article 4 planning directions
  • Stronger powers for councils on the release of surplus public land to support large scale investment in the private rented sector