Update on payment for sleep-in shifts in social care: May 2018

The purpose of this briefing is to update councils on latest developments regarding payment of sleep-in shifts in adult social care. Although this briefing focuses on adults, the issue is also relevant to children’s services. 

Significant confusion has arisen because of the interpretations by the tribunals of the 2015 National Minimum Wage Regulations and 2015 and 2016 Government guidance on sleep-in payments. This frustrating lack of clarity has caused continuing uncertainty in the provider market and a great deal of anxiety for carer workers and those who receive care.

The LGA supports care workers being paid fairly for the work they do. Since 2016, we have highlighted to Ministers the likely consequences across the system should there be no Government funding to deal with historic, current and future costs from sleep-in payments.   

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Update on Payment for Sleep-in Shifts in Social Care: May 2018