EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Read through our latest briefings on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and its implications for local government.

Second Reading, House of Commons, 7 September 2017

Key messages

  • The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will convert the entire body of EU law into UK law, with the intention of allowing businesses to continue operating and providing fairness to individuals, knowing the rules have not changed when the UK leaves the EU. This legal certainty must be given to councils too.
  • EU laws impact many of the council services that affect people's day-to-day lives, from protecting people from unsafe food when they eat out to regulating how councils buy goods and services. The conversion of EU law will impact on our most important public services.
  • The Government has presented the transfer of EU law onto the UK statute book as a matter of process not policy. However, we are concerned by the potential policy implications arising from the creation of new UK central agencies, especially those in many areas where regulation might better be achieved by local government itself.

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EU (Withdrawal) Bill Second Reading, House of Commons 7 September 2017