A Principles Based Approach to Social Value and Commissioning and Procurement

Social Value UK are the National Network for social value in the UK of Social Value International, the global social value movement, and the professional body for Social Value and SROI Practitioners. SVUK advocates for a principles based approach to accounting for and managing social value.

The network offer spaces and resources to support organisations and individuals to develop principles based practice.  For commissioning and procurement specialists useful places to look are:

Contract for Change

An SVUK Thought Leadership Group harnessing the know-how from procurement and social value practitioners from across civil society, the public and the private sectors to develop and embed a principles based approach to commissioning and procurement into mainstream practice.

Social Value Commissioning

A website created by Social Value UK offering a free of charge database where you can upload case studies explaining how social value has been increased through successful commissioning.

Please do help others to learn by sharing your own case studies and other resources, and engaging with the Contract for Change group.  For assistance or further information please contact [email protected] 

Guidance and Standards

To learn more about the Social Value Principles , the best place to start is the guidance and standards of applying the principles.

Social Value International

To find out more about the international movement to change the way the world accounts for value head over to the Social Value International website and join the global community