Building more inclusive economies - full report

This report examines several key areas of the inclusive economies agenda.

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We use the term inclusive economies in reflection of the discussion above – and particularly in light of the importance this report stresses on understanding local economies and the role of local government in intervening within them. In discussions of inclusive growth, we seek to capture the concept in its broadest sense. Therefore, we seek to capture projects and interventions that are described as ‘inclusive growth’, ‘inclusive economy’, or ‘community wealth building’. In specific case studies, we use the language that the councils discussed use themselves.

This report draws on a large evidence base, which includes an extensive policy and literature review, interviews with 15

stakeholders in different councils and a call for evidence which had 19 submissions. We considered how inclusive growth can be pursued by councils at three different stages:

• those who are looking to start engaging with the inclusive economies agenda

• those who have identified it as a clear priority, but are looking at good practice and for ideas to develop strategies,

policies, and interventions

• those who have developed inclusive economy (or similar) strategies, policies, and interventions and are looking at expanding their work on inclusive growth into a new phase.