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Councillor workbook – Engaging with young people

This workbook has been designed as a learning aid for councillors to assist them with the effective engagement of young people and the organisations representing them within their ward.

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The workbook provides some signposting and ideas around the engagement of young people rather than it being a step by step guide as such. Like so many areas of modern life, the methods of communication, the fora with which young people engage and the organisations representing them are often much more fluid and dynamic than for other aspects of the population.

Developments in social media and the technology used by young people are ever changing, and risk being out of date as soon as they are captured in print. So this workbook is intended to highlight some key approaches and options around effective engagement for you in your role or roles as a councillor. The key requirement is to think about the issues presented and how the material relates to you, your council and the young people you serve and represent.

As a local councillor, you represent everyone living in your ward – and across the UK, nearly two in 10 people are under 16. Having a good experience growing up gives children a much better chance of making a positive transition to adulthood and reaching their potential; by listening to and acting on their concerns and supporting them to shape their community, you can strengthen your community going forward.