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COVID-19 regulations review – February 2022

February 2022 update to the provisions of the Coronavirus Act (2020) and to new, modified or suspended local government powers and duties (applicable to local authorities in England and Wales).

We have published a full review of all legislation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic which has come into force since the Coronavirus Act (March 2020) – outlining new or amended powers and duties of local authorities. The Act is now winding down and our review highlights the changes that have been made to the Act so far.

The document separates powers and duties into:

  • those that are still in force in February 2022 (35 powers / duties)
  • those that have no longer apply because they have expired (they were enacted with an end date) or have been withdrawn by subsequent legislation (63 powers / duties)
  • those where powers or duties which already existed as the result of other primary or secondary legislation were amended in some way by coronavirus legislation – all of these (122 powers / duties) have now reverted back to their original status which typically means either:
    • where coronavirus legislation changed a duty temporarily to a power, it has now reverted to being a duty
    • where timescales for an action were relaxed by coronavirus legislation, the original time limits have been reinstated
    • where ‘ways of working’ were changed by coronavirus legislation (for example, allowing exclusively online publication of documents, allowing online meetings, and so on) these have now reverted to the requirements of the original legislation.