Independence from the centre: does local government's freedom lie in a new constitutional settlement?

Reforming our democratic constitution is right at the forefront of the political debate, with changes to the House of Lords being actively discussed and a planned Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

The LGA and Graham Allen MP have launched a public discussion looking into the merits of constitutional reform to make the roles of Whitehall and councils clearer to local residents.

For too long local people have been left out of the loop on who is running their public services, with it being unclear as to who is accountable for what. It's time this changed. The Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee in Parliament has been holding a consultation on their website looking at how to clarify the relationship between central and local government.

This publication shares opinions from leading local and national politicians on the prospects for a new constitutional settlement for local government.

If you would like to join the debate, visit the Independent Local Government group on the Knowledge Hub.

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