LG Inform: a benchmarking data service for councils and fire and rescue services

LG Inform presents up-to-date published data about your local area and the performance of your council or fire and rescue service. It can help you to review and compare performance with other authorities using data that is updated quickly after publication at source.

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Developed by the LGA together with local authorities, LG Inform is a practical response to local government’s call for greater freedom to take responsibility for its own improvement and increase transparency with the public.

  • 4,800+ data items available
  • personalise to your authority's needs
  • compare councils, groups of councils, or fire and rescue services
  • easily create charts, reports and data visualisations
  • bring several data items together across time periods relevant to you
  • share with colleagues via social media or digitally embed
  • join the benchmarking club to view your quarterly provisional data.