LGA in Parliament 2019/20

This year's report provides an update on our activities in the Palace of Westminster, including our work with MPs and Peers which remains one of the most important ways in which we ensure your membership association continues to be the national voice of local government.

This year’s report is a little different to previous editions. The general election back in December 2019 means that we are currently in the middle of the parliamentary session and a lot of legislation is still being agreed and new proposals will be bought forward in the second half of this year. It has also been a difficult and unprecedented few months as we have faced what I am sure you will agree, is the most serious international public health emergency in our lifetimes. This year’s LGA in Parliament is therefore a work in progress, an update on the issues we have sought to influence on your behalf and an opportunity to remind ourselves of the broad support and high-profile local government continues to enjoy in our politics.

In this report we look specifically at the work of the LGA on behalf of councils in enhancing legislation, influencing parliamentary committees and building the reputation of local government – the three cornerstones of our parliamentary lobbying. The approach has seen us improve the various pieces of legislation that made, or are making, their way through Parliament. We also continue to enjoy great success in our engagement with select committees and All-Party Parliamentary Groups on a wide variety of policy issues. Our thanks to all colleagues from local government who have given evidence on behalf of the LGA, on behalf of one of our Special Interest Groups or on behalf of your own councils. These evidence gathering sessions provide a chance to share ideas and build consensus for local government’s recommendations.

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