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The lives we want to lead - towards change, towards hope

With the new Government’s first Budget just days away, and with the Prime Minister promising to ‘fix social care once and for all’, this short publication sets out the main issues that we believe need to be addressed to ensure that people can live the lives they want to lead, and the kind of action we want to see from Government.

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And of course, thinking about the future of social care means thinking way beyond social care. It is essential in its own right but it also needs to be considered in terms of the role it plays – on its own and with other local services – in strengthening the places in which we live, our local economies and the capacity of other vital local services. In this way, we are seeking to move away from thinking about ‘social care’ in transactional terms and towards a foundation built on human relationships and connections.

To support that shift, we need to incorporate the role of councils’ universal services, housing, public health, health, the voluntary and independent sectors, and – most crucially – the voice of people with lived experience of care and support, into our plans.