Ten commitments for effective pre-application engagement

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Pre-application engagement should lead to high quality and appropriate development schemes being granted planning permission more quickly. Early, collaborative discussions between developers, public sector agencies and the communities affected by a new development can help to shape better quality, more accepted schemes and ensure improved outcomes for the community. These discussions also avoid wasted effort and costs.

Representatives of all those groups most involved in these discussions have come together to agree a set of commitments that all the sponsors have committed to. These commitments set out the positive spirit that should be embodied in pre-application engagement and the arrangements that should make early exchanging information and advice better value for all.

Each developer, local planning authorities (LPA), statutory agency and community group will need to decide how these principles should be incorporated into their individual working practices.

We jointly hope that by identifying responsibilities along with benefits, all parties will be see that working in line with these principles will reduce frustrations with the planning system, and generate savings alongside better development.

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