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Special Interest Group on Countering Extremism

The local authority network working across England and Wales to provide support, and develop and share good practice, on tackling extremism and building resilience.

The Special Interest Group on Countering Extremism (SIGCE) is a local authority network funded by the LGA, which provides support to councils and partners on countering extremism and promoting cohesion.

Since January 2018 the SIGCE has worked with local authorities across England and Wales, bringing councils and partners together through seminars, roundtables, regional councillor networks and an online platform to build an understanding of activists and ideology, develop and share practice and tools for responding to extremism and cohesion challenges, disrupting activity, and engaging communities.

Councils play a vital role in responding to extremism and the SIGCE provides a vehicle for councils to learn from each other’s experiences in tackling difficult and sensitive issues and assisting one another in responding to local issues.

To get involved in the network you can sign up to the SIGCE’s practitioner Knowledge Hub here or contact [email protected] for further information and details of our future events.