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Together towards net zero: the benefits of working in a cohort

In this podcast series in partnership with UCL researchers and policy professionals from councils across England share their reflections on working together on the Net Zero Innovation Programme. It explores opportunities and challenges faced in partnering with those from different worlds to help achieve net zero emissions commitments.

In this episode we explore how the partnerships have approached working in a cohort, and how the network has benefitted their projects.

Two of our partnerships - the University of Worcester and Worcester City Council, and Essex University and Colchester Council - were asked to reflect on how the programmes network has helped them to develop their projects as well as sharing challenges and reflections. The partnership from Worcester explain how they have gained a number of new tools from speaking to other projects, while Colchester and Essex note how useful it has been to be able to call up other group members for advice.

Also joining are Ruth Corrall, Environmental Sustainability Officer at Worcester City Council, Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability at University of Worcester, Ben Plummer, Climate Emergency Project Officer at Colchester Borough Council, and Dr Jane Hindley, Deputy Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Centre at Essex University.