Together Towards Net Zero - Looking towards COP26

In this podcast series in partnership with UCL researchers and policy professionals from councils across England share their reflections on working together on the Net Zero Innovation Programme. It explores opportunities and challenges faced in partnering with those from different worlds to help achieve net zero emissions commitments.

In this episode, we discuss how our partnerships are looking to the future, and the impact their projects may have in a national and global context. Two of our partnerships are joining us, from South Gloucestershire Council and the University of West of England, and the London Borough of Lambeth and London South Bank University.

With COP26 taking place this year, it will be important to explore how local government can play a role and have a voice in climate change decision making. Our partnerships touch upon how they are preparing for this and what outcomes they will be hoping for. Joining us are, Barry Wyatt, Climate Emergency Manager for Climate Change in the Planning and Regeneration team at South Gloucestershire Council. Hannah Jameson, Assistant Director of Sustainable Development and Climate Change at the London Borough of Lambeth Council, and Dr Aaron Gillich, Director of the BSRIA LSBU Net Zero Building Centre at the London Southbank University.