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Together towards net zero: The partnership building workshops

In this podcast series in partnership with UCL researchers and policy professionals from councils across England share their reflections on working together on the Net Zero Innovation Programme. It explores opportunities and challenges faced in partnering with those from different worlds to help achieve net zero emissions commitments.

In the first episode of our Together Towards Net Zero podcast series, we speak with one of our teams from Cambridgeshire County Council and UCL who are undertaking a project on a procurement carbon calculator and code of practice. We discuss how they approached, undertook and reflected on our series of workshops, which explored the different challenges to achieving net zero, navigating polarisation and avoiding gridlock, and tools for identifying and resolving barriers to effective partnerships. Joining us are Emily Bolton, Climate Change Officer at Cambridgeshire County Council, and Dr Isabela Butnar, Senior Researcher looking at net zero energy systems and across the UK, councils are declaring a climate emergency, seeking to lead action at a local level to reduce carbon emissions, increase biodiversity, transition to net zero and ultimately improve the quality of life of their residents and the local environment.


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