Brownfield Land Release Fund

The Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF) is a cross-government initiative between the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) and One Public Estate (OPE) which is delivered in partnership by the Local Government Association and the Cabinet Office.

Nov 2022

On Saturday 19 November 2022 DLUHC announced that up to £35m has been allocated under the Brownfield Land Release Fund 2 (BLRF2) to 41 local authorities’ projects in England. This forms the first round of BLRF2 which will see £180m of funding being rolled out via the One Public Estate (OPE) programme. The funding will help councils to transform unused, redundant or derelict sites into high quality homes.

July 2022

Round one funding is now closed.

On 8 July 2022 our One Public Estate (OPE) programme made up to £180 million of capital grant funding available to English councils through their newly launched Brownfield Land Release Fund (BRLF2). The funding was made available to councils over a three-year period to support the release of council-owned brownfield land for housing.

February 2022

On Thursday 24 February 2022, DLUHC announced that a further £8 million was being awarded under the BLRF to 13 local authorities projects in England. This comes on the back of £69 million already awarded to 76 projects under the BLRF in 2021. An additional £3.67 million will be allocated for custom and self-build housing projects. Collectively, the new announcements aim to unlock surplus local authority land for nearly 900 homes.  

These projects are contributing towards the government's plan to level up communities across the country, creating vibrant new places for people to live and work, boosting local economies, and delivering new homes and jobs.

One Public Estate: Land Release Fund April 2021 - funding now closed

In April 2021 applications for Brownfield Land Release Fund opened.

Land Release Fund awards £45 million capital funding for new homes

February 2018

In 2018 the Land Release Fund awarded £45 million capital funding to over 70 council-led projects to combat barriers which would otherwise make land unusable for development.

The projects – which aim to support building strong communities - will bring forward the release of local authority owned land for over 7,000 new homes.

Funding is being used for small-scale land remediation and infrastructure works such as asbestos removal and bat alleviation, as well as schemes that will significantly improve quality of life such as essential relocating of a pelican crossing.

2018 Land Release Fund Awards (PDF)

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