Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse

Safeguarding adults is a developing field of policy and practice, bringing with it many layers of complexity and challenge. The LGA and its partners wish to support learning and development as much as possible. Looking at how to make the connections between adult safeguarding and domestic abuse is just one key area to address in this rapidly changing field.

This landmark guide is for practitioners and managers in councils and partner agencies engaged in working directly or indirectly with people who have care and support needs, whose circumstances make them vulnerable, and who may also be victims of domestic abuse.

Its purpose is to help staff to give better informed and more effective support to people who need an adult safeguarding service because of domestic abuse. It addresses situations where an adult who has care and support needs is being harmed or abused by an intimate partner or close family member in a way which could also be defined as domestic abuse. It does not seek to replace existing safeguarding procedures and it is anticipated that it be read and used in the context of local procedures and protocols.

Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse: a guide to support practitioners and managers

Joint response to Home Office consultation on 'Strengthening the law on domestic abuse'

Many of the adults that councils work with in a safeguarding context are experiencing domestic abuse. The LGA and ADASS joint response welcomes the proposed new offence of coercive and controlling behaviour but highlights that the resource implications of any change in the law needs to be taken into consideration.



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