What constitutes a safeguarding concern and carrying out safeguarding enquiries FAQs

We suggest that these questions and responses are themselves used as a tool by Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs) and sector leaders to identify aspects of working with concerns and enquiries where further local development work is needed. They can be used as a basis for local conversations, exploring the issues, setting out achievable and modest changes and actions where it might be possible to see measurable impact.

The following questions were prominent in workshops (LGA, July 2022) and associated conversations that considered what can support confidence in defining and working with safeguarding concerns and enquiries. At the request of two regions / sub-regions, the workshops considered two challenges.

  • Challenge one: differing perspectives on what constitutes a safeguarding concern (and the circumstances that indicate a safeguarding concern should be raised with the local authority) across health, the local authority, and the Safeguarding Adults Board (Norfolk and Hertfordshire).
  • Challenge two:  What is organisational abuse? How should this be responded to and reported? (North East region).