Children's services funding – facts and figures

Funding has decreased and demand has gone up - these are the figures of a children's services system at breaking point.


Demand has gone up...

Over the past years demand for children's services has risen dramatically.

The number of child protection enquiries has increased 158 per cent in 10 years - from 73,800 in 2006/07 to 198,090 in 2017/18.

Over the same period, the number of children on child protection plans increased by more than 25,000.

The total number of looked after children reached a new high of 75,420 in 2017/18, representing the biggest annual rise of children in care in eight years. An average of 88 children are now coming into care every day.  


...and funding has been cut

By 2020, local government in England will have lost 75 pence out of every £1 of the Government revenue support grant that it had to spend in 2015.

Overall, councils are facing a £3.1 billion funding gap for children’s services by 2025.

In 2017/18, councils across England were forced to spend £816 million more on children's social care than they had budgeted for.

Government funding for the Early Intervention Grant has been cut by almost £600 million since 2013. It is projected to drop by almost a £100 million more by 2020.