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Achieving channel shift in waste management

Blackpool has developed fully integrated online processes for its high-volume waste management transactions, including bulky waste collection requests, missed bin reports and fly-tipping notifications. This case study forms part of our digital experts resource.

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This has allowed the council to achieve a significant shift to online self-service, saving money but also offering greater convenience to residents. Blackpool has also been exploring web chat for school admissions.

Blackpool Council channel shift case study – update

Blackpool Council channel shift case study


Ian Butterworth, web officer, Blackpool council

Ian talks about Blackpool Council's approach to digital, and the rationale for focusing on Waste Management and School Admissions.

Shirley Procter-Dow, Blackpool council

Shireley talks about the approach Blackpool Council took to developing their self-service offering for bulky waste collection

Dawn Baron, Service Manager, Blackpool Council

Dawn talks about the outcomes of Blackpool Council's digital project.

Chris Lomas, Team Coach, Blackpool Council

Chris talks about the role that customer feedback played in improving and refining the new self-serve bulky waste collection booking process.