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Active Herts

Active Herts is a research led and independently evaluated project which uses evidence-based behaviour change techniques to support inactive adults to increase their physical activity levels. Active Herts has been co-designed by the Herts Sports Partnership, University of Hertfordshire, University of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Public Health. Independent evaluation has been undertaken by the University of East Anglia.

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The Active Herts team are keen for this innovative approach to be shared and applied in other locations, and would like to see the benefits replicated across the country and beyond. They would like to be able to track the usage of the Active Herts model, and would therefore ask that you carefully read the documents, and keep them informed if and how you are using this model in your area so that they can track where the Active Herts approach is being used. We would also encourage prospective users to contact them so that they can support you, and explore potential training and evaluation.

Please contact: Neil Howlett [email protected] 

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