Evidence for contribution of CTS to economy

This is a list of validated national and international evidence that may support your outcomes triangle and logic model for the economy.

Not all these examples will be relevant to your local outcomes. As you develop your framework you should select local and national evidence that together best demonstrates the contribution of culture and sport to your service, intermediate and overarching strategic outcomes.

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National and international evidence
Title and description Publication details

'Economic value of sport in England, 1985-2008'

Focuses on the economic importance of sport in England and the English regions in 2008, providing comparisons with estimates since 1985.

Sport Industry Research Centre/Sport England, 2010
'The economic impact of the UK film industry'

This study provides a comprehensive evaluation of the economic contribution of the core UK film industry.

Oxford Economics, 2010
'Economic impact study of UK theatre'

A comprehensive economic impact study of theatre in the UK. The summary gives an overall view of the study showing the positive effects theatre can have on the local economy.

Arts Council England, 2004
'Estimates of productivity of the ‘creative' and ‘tourism and leisure' industries'

A report showing trends in productivity up to 2007, confirming growth occurred in these sectors.

Estimates of productivity of the creative and tourism and leisure industries - on the DCMS website

Department of Culture, Media and Sports, 2010
'Arts festivals and the visitor economy - their contribution and their potential in the West Midlands region'

A study of the interaction between the West Midlands region arts festivals and the visitor market.

Arts festivals and the visitor economy - on the Arts Council England website

Arts Council England, 2006
'The economic and social impact of cultural festivals in the East Midlands of England'

Research on the economic and social impact of 11 festivals in the East Midlands region, concluding that the festivals studied are responsible for generating substantial wealth and employment, and have an impact on the enhancement of local image and identity.

De Montfort University, Leicester, 2004
'Understanding the impact of cultural tourism in Cornwall'

Report on the economic impact of cultural tourism as well as other identified benefits of cultural tourism, including the perceived contribution of cultural events and festivals to the overall image of Cornwall as a place to live and work.

The Cornwall Arts Partnership and Arts Council England, 2007
'Assessment of the contribution of museums, libraries and archives to the visitor economy'

The study seeks to explore the role the sector plays in the wider visitor economy and quantify the economic value of the museums, libraries and archives sector.

Museums Libraries and Archives (MLA) South East, 2008
'The economic and environmental impact of the Local Heritage Initiative'

Report detailing the findings of a research and evaluation exercise to assess the economic and environmental impact of the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI).

Heritage Lottery Fund, 2005
'The economic impact of heritage in the North West'

Report focusing on direct and indirect use values and the impacts arising from heritage-related activity. It measures not only the direct outputs of investment in heritage, but also the wider economic effects on tourism, construction, skills, businesses accommodated in heritage buildings and the property market.

The economic impact of heritage in the North West - on the North West Research and Intelligence Unit website

North West Regional Development Agency, 2009
'Measuring Success 2 - the economic impact of major sports events'

Report consolidating the research undertaken to date on behalf of UK Sport, examining the economic impact of major sports events since 1997.

UK Sport, 2004
'The economic impact of local sport events: significant, limited or otherwise? A case study of four swimming events'

This research suggests that small-scale local swimming events have the potential to generate unequivocal economic benefit to their host communities providing that secondary expenditure opportunities are available.

The economic impact of local sport events - on the Ingenta website

'Visitor attraction trends England 2006'

Presents the findings of the Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions undertaken in England by VisitBritain. The report provides a comprehensive England-wide analysis of trends plus visits data for individual attractions.

VisitBritain, 2007
'Bolton's museums, libraries and archive service: an economic valuation'

Applies a model to determine the value of Bolton's museums, libraries and archives service expressed in economic terms. It concludes that residents clearly value their museums, libraries and archives and that the user value more than justifies the investment in service provision.

Jura/MLA, 2005