Tewkesbury Borough Council: Solar PV on public service centre and car park

Tewkesbury Borough Council have successfully secured £284,000 of funding form the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, who are providing funding for public sector bodies, towards the cost of installing an air to air heating system at the Council's head office (public service centre). The authority are supporting this scheme with the installation of a 44kwh Solar PV canopy over the car park system to offset the additional electrical demand. This project is within the scope of works to enable the council to meet its 2030 carbon neutral target by removing an old gas fired boilers.

The challenge

The council has already utilitised the available roof space on the building with a 90kwh solar system, the new heating system needs an additional 44kwh solar system to cover the extra electrical usage. The solution was to utilise the adjacent car park with the construction of a car park canopy to provide space for the additional panels. The cost of the installation is circa £1200 per kwh, greatly extending the payback period. The site is located adjacent to a registered battlefield so there are sensitivities around the location and views from the battlefield.

The solution

The scheme was agreed following a feasibility study of the site for the installation of a heat source pump and the ancillary equipment to maximise renewable energy. Specialist installers and a heritage impact assessment will be commissioned to ensure that the impact of the scheme is minimal within the local landscape whilst maximizing the ability to add additional panels to the system. The project is due to be completed by December 2021.

The impact

The system reduces the need for additional electricity capacity to be supplied to the site and assisting in achieving the authority’s carbon neutral 2030 motion/target. The net carbon saving is 2.76tCO2e pa.

How is the new approach being sustained?

Following the capitol costs the ongoing cost is minimal with a reduction in energy costs.

Lessons learned

The project has not yet been completed. This case study will be updated when it has.