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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Essex County Council’s Food Recycling Project

Essex County Council delivered a year-long project to galvanize residents to recycle their food by providing them with the relevant tools and know-how to take action.

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Oxfordshire County Council: Guide to local climate adaptation aids learning

A new UK-wide guide – Introduction to Local Climate Adaptation – has been released to bolster local climate resilience.

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Wirral Council: Active Wirral Energy Efficiency Programme

In January 2023, Active Wirral, facing soaring energy costs and a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, initiated a comprehensive energy efficiency project. Through delivering a range of interventions, the project exceeded its targets, avoiding £231K in costs and saving 335 tonnes CO2e, equivalent to driving around the globe 10 times in an SUV.

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Mapping climate vulnerability in West Sussex

Climate change is already impacting West Sussex, and we know that it often disproportionately affects vulnerable communities. To better understand the relationship between social and climate vulnerability, WSCC partnered with the University of Brighton to develop the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI).

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Sustainable Warwickshire Podcast

Warwickshire County Council wanted to raise awareness of climate change and biodiversity in the county. To reach a wider audience, highlight the subjects that fall under the sustainability umbrella, showcase the action being taken by people across the county and to encourage individuals to get involved, they launched the Sustainable Warwickshire podcast.

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Local Climate Adaptation Tool rolled out nationally

The Local Climate Adaptation Tool (LCAT) is a national evidence-based resource to support local decision-makers, including public sector institutions to take climate adaptation action.

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Newham Council's Just Transition Plan

Newham Council launched the UK’s first Just Transition Plan to support its local net zero targets. The plan shifts focus from a purely decarbonisation approach to a wider stance embedding core principles of increasing equity for residents and adapting to the worsening impacts of climate change.

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Empowering local action on climate change – Brent’s Together Towards Zero Community Grant

The London Borough of Brent launched a community climate action grant to empower residents to take the lead on tackling the climate emergency.

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Essex’s Make Rain Happy scheme to reduce flooding

A green infrastructure pilot scheme that uses rain gardens, swale (a shallow grassy drainage channel for water to run through), tree planting, and over 1,300 plants has helped to reduce surface water flooding on a residential street in Essex.

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Schools Healthy Commutes Project in Westminster

The Schools Healthy Commutes project initiated by Westminster City Council is a proactive response to the prevalent issue of traffic congestion and pollution during peak school hours.

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