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Wolverhampton City Council: Applying behavioural science principles as quick wins to COVID work

Wolverhampton City Council wanted to draw on behavioural science methodology and insights across their response to the pandemic. They found there is a need to balance the practical (what’s feasible) whilst drawing on principles and insights which can increase the impact of their work.

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They have drawn on a range of resources developed specifically for councils (notably Hertfordshire materials as well the British Psychological Society/BPS) and have adapted these materials to the local context. We have highlighted some of the outputs developed from this approach below:

  • Community Champions Materials - drawing from the BPS materials addressing barriers to vaccine take up Wolverhampton have developed a messaging pack which can support the work of community champions. In the last two weeks of January 2021 this project reached over 20,000 residents. 
  • The first jab appointment and materials -Recognising the opportunity and importance of the first vaccine jab in communicating key messages to residents. Wolverhampton, working with PHE materials have added messages on maintaining prevention measures after the jab. This is both timely and salient as the materials have been developed to act as a reminder for patients to get their second jab - and also when they may be thinking they can change their behaviour as they feel protected. This communication is clearly branded with the NHS, includes clear reminders to attend the second jab.
  • Evaluating messaging impact - Wolverhampton have developed an online survey to track changes in attitudes and information pre and post campaigns. They are delivering these surveys online and provide useful learning and a benchmark to understand which messages are landing and with which groups. These surveys are being delivered online and promoted across social media.


Applying quick wins and adjusting materials which have been developed by other councils and provided centrally has proved to be both efficient and effective for Wolverhampton.


Shanara Abdin

Email: [email protected]