COVID-19: financial pressures in adult social care

The purpose of this note is to share some financial information that was provided to the Minister of State for Care, Helen Whately, on 9 May 2020.

The Minister has been considering how the Government might respond to this information. We do not know when and how the Government will respond. However, we thought that this information must now be shared with local authorities to help your response to the financial pressures facing adult social care.

This note should also be considered alongside our previous advice note of 8 April, in which we said that we would undertake further work on the true costs of COVID-19 for providers. This forms part of this work.

It is important to stress that this national work should not be assumed to be a prediction of what costs will be incurred locally. Those costs will vary across areas, or across providers within an area or over time.

Councils have committed to meeting the additional costs of supporting local authority clients but that will be based on the experience of individual providers as evidenced to local authorities. Local authorities report that the experiences of one provider can be very different to another provider close by.

Financial pressures in adult social care