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Electric vehicles: case studies from councils

See what other councils are doing to promote the use of electric vehicles and the provision of charge points.

electric car


The Government’s Road to Zero strategy has set an ambition that no new conventional petrol or diesel cars will be sold by 2040. Meeting this ambition is going to require a step change in the availability of electric vehicles (EVs) charging points.

We do not anticipate that councils either want, or need, to become the long-term default provider for electric vehicle chargepoints. For the transition to be successful, the chargepoint market will have to strengthen. This is the only way we will reach the level of coverage envisioned by Road to Zero. However, many councils are already showing that they have a role to play in catalysing this market and helping in its early stages.

Electric vehicles will still contribute to congestion and many councils and businesses will still require vehicles. Electric vehicles however offer a ‘clean’ way to meet this need.