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We regularly bring together council representatives and key partners to support transformation and improvement.

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Our networks and associated partner networks are designed to support officers working in cyber, digital and technology roles within local government. Members discuss emerging issues and trends affecting councils, and hear from each other and guests on new policies, programmes and practices. The networks identify barriers and facilitators to implementing digital and cyber security policies or solutions, and formulate positions from which to engage with central government. Crucial to our groups is having the space to share support, opportunities and good practice. The composition of each network is representative of councils across England, with colleagues from other public sector organisations serving as members where appropriate.

Our LGA Networks

Local Government Digital Committee (LGDC)

The Local Government Digital Committee (LGDC) was established in 2007 to provide sector leadership and guidance on the service transformation agenda. The group exists for chief executives and senior digital directors from local government to provide a single coherent voice for the sector on cyber and digital matters. Updates are given by central government, private sector partners, and local authorities, allowing attendees to remain informed and up-to-date with evolving policy and best practice within the cyber, digital and innovation agenda. The group meets every two months.

Chair: Jon McGinty, Managing Director, Gloucester City Council

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Digital Inclusion Network

The Digital Inclusion Network was established in 2020 for councils to share best practice, network and hear about emerging initiatives within the area of digital inclusion and to work together to help reduce the digital divide. The group selects speakers from various councils and organisations to present on their digitally inclusion programmes and work within their communities. The Digital Inclusion Network facilitates open dialogue around digital inclusion and allows for councils to network with various organisations. The group meets every two months.

Chair: Tom Denman, LGA

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Cyber, Digital and Technology Policy group

The Cyber, Digital and Technology Policy Group discusses policy issues, common challenges and good practice, and to support requirements relating to cyber, digital and technology. Members include local government officers covering all regional areas and council types, central government representatives and colleagues from partner organisations such as Solace and Socitm. The group supports the LGA's work with councils in order to achieve the best outcomes for local government and the communities they serve. The group meets monthly.

Chair: Katie Owen, LGA  

LGA rep:

Transformation Network

The Transformation Network was established in 2020 and invites councils to meet and discuss various areas of digital transformation within local authorities. The group meets every two months.

Chair: Debbie Knopp, Essex County Council

LGA rep:

Digital Democracy Partnership

The Digital Democracy Partnership focuses on the transformation and improvement of local government digital and hybrid democratic functions with a primary focus on best practice, guidance and case studies. The network discusses examples of digital transformation such as new ways of working and how to facilitate digital transformation within the community. It also pushes Government to deliver on its intention to retain the positive aspects implemented during the pandemic so that councils, elected members and officers can work efficiently using the most effective methods available to them. The group meets quarterly.

Chair: Susan Attard, Head of Productivity, LGA

LGA rep:

Digital Construction Working Group

The Digital Construction Working Group was created in 2022 to support local authorities overcome preconceived obstacles around various new ways of digital working. This specifically pertains to digital ways of working for construction, procurement and supply chain services and programmes. The primary aim of the group is to educate the sector on best practice and explore low-cost proof of concepts to establish recognition and awareness of these ways of working. The group meets every two months.

Chair: Steve Baker, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LGA rep:

Digital Switchover Working Group

The Digital Switchover Working Group meets to ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital, to push for clear national guidance and offer peer to peer support for local government. The switch from legacy analogue networks to the digital based networks is already taking place and is expected to accelerate in the run up to the 2025 deadline. By illustrating best practice through case studies, the group hopes to showcase the opportunities of digital transformation, enhancing local government services in the transition from analogue to digital with a primary focus on best practice, guidance and case studies. The group meets monthly.

Chair: Mark Allen, Hampshire County Council

LGA rep:


Our Associated Partner Networks

Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) Digital Connectivity Working Group

The ADEPT Digital Connectivity Working Group was established in 2018 as a 'Task and Finish' group focusing on the short-to-medium term delivery of improved broadband and mobile connectivity at the local level. The group meets quarterly.

Chair: Ceren Clulow, Nottinghamshire County Council

LGA rep:

Local Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council

The Local CIO Council is a Socitm-run group to provide strategic direction for ICT and digital policy for local government. Representatives cover include regional council representation, and other public and third sector bodies such as Education, Police, Health, etc. The group meets quarterly.

Chair: Geoff Connell, Director of IMT & Chief Digital Officer, Norfolk County Council

LGA rep:

Cyber Technical Advisory Group (C-TAG)

CTAG is a technical sub-group of the Socitm Local CIO Council and the Local Government Digital Committee. The group provides technical advice and guidance into national programmes, such as the LGA’s cyber security work. The group includes representation from each of the regional Warning, Advice and Reporting Points (WARPs). It meets on a monthly basis.

Chair: Geoff Connell, Director of IMT & Chief Digital Officer, Norfolk County Council

LGA rep:


Other Membership

DCMS Secure Connected Places External Advisory Group

As towns and cities become more digitally connected, the government is working to ensure this is done in a secure way which protects citizens and public services. The Secure Connected Places External Advisory Group is helping to inform government policy. The terms of reference for this group (revised September 2022) are set out here, along with the members of the advisory group.

Chair: Prof Greg Clark CBE, Connected Places Catapult

LGA rep: