Crisis communications – cyber attack

What do you do when your online systems are unavailable, either through technical fault or cyber attack? How do you respond to an emergency when your digital channels are down?

If you’re experiencing a cyber incident please report this to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) through their online incident reporting tool.

If you are reporting fraud or cyber crime, please refer to the Action Fraud website.

You should ask the NCSC for help if your organisation has experienced a severe cyber incident which poses a risk to your ongoing operation or to your customers or supply chain. The NCSC also appreciate reports of less severe incidents, for information only, to help them further understand key adversaries, revise guidance, or potentially help to protect other organisations.

Reporting an incident to the NCSC does not fulfil any legal or regulatory incident reporting requirement.

For additional support and advice please contact the LGA Cyber Security Team from an uncompromised device.