Leadership, workforce and communications

Includes councillor and officer development opportunities, programmes to bring added capacity to the sector, workforce support and support to enhance local authorities communications with residents.

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LGA sector support provides local government with key tools and resources to develop stronger leadership and workforce structures in order that councils build capacity and are better positioned to govern and deliver key services. Our leadership offer delivers the skills, experience and support councils need to address key issues and maintain effective leadership of place and community, during COVID-19 and beyond.

We also manage national negotiations for the local government sector and provide councils with support to improve the efficiency and resilience of workforces, including workforce development and transformation support.

We support councils to communicate more effectively with the diversity of their residents by providing support, resources and challenge to improve communications skills, planning and strategy – including dedicated support for new councils and communications support for times of crisis.

Further information about these elements of the sector support programme can be accessed on the pages below.