Making Safeguarding Personal

We are working with ADASS to develop and deliver a support offer to help councils and their partners embed the Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) approach.

What is MSP?

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) is a sector led initiative which aims to develop an outcomes focus to safeguarding work, and a range of responses to support people to improve or resolve their circumstances.

MSP is about engaging with people about the outcomes they want at the beginning and middle of working with them, and then ascertaining the extent to which those outcomes were realised at the end. MSP seeks to achieve:

  • a personalised approach that enables safeguarding to be done with, not to, people
  • practice that focuses on achieving meaningful improvement to people's circumstances rather than just on ‘investigation' and ‘conclusion'
  • an approach that utilises social work skills rather than just ‘putting people through a process'
  • an approach that enables practitioners, families, teams and SABs to know what difference has been made.

The work is supported by the LGA with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care and other national partners and seeks to promote this approach and share good practice.

A series of tools to support MSP, measure effectiveness and improve safeguarding practice are also available:

MSP outcomes framework and final report

ADASS and the LGA appointed the Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University and Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) to develop an MSP outcomes framework. This will provide a means of promoting and measuring practice that supports an outcomes focus for safeguarding adults work

Both will be used to drive the next phase of this work during 2018/19. If you would like to get involved in the implementation and development of the next phase of the MSP outcomes framework, please email who is working with ADASS and the LGA on this project.

Resources for Safeguarding Adults Boards

A suite of resources is intended to support Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs) and partners in developing and promoting MSP.

Resources to support Making Safeguarding Personal

Audio-visual resources on safeguarding adults

A range of organisations produced a number of resources to raise awareness of abuse and neglect of adults with care and support needs. Others tackled particular issues such as mate crime or hoarding.

Audio visual resources

Other resources

Other resources to support work on safeguarding adults can be found here: